The Democrats' Jackolope

With the left’s favorite Pope in town, the media has been giddy pointing out that Francis puts Republicans in awkward positions on global warming, the environment, capitalism, etc. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has started leasing lands it owns in Texas for oil drilling.

What the media is ignoring, of course, is that Francis and the GOP agree on much when it comes to life and marriage. It is far harder to find a pro-life Democrat than to find a pro-abortion Republican. It is far harder to find a supporter of real marriage among the Democrats than it is to find a gay marriage supporting Republican.

Meanwhile, Francis continues to support the pro-life position and real marriage. The media, of course, does not and so chooses to ignore those things.

It will, however, be interesting to see if life comes up with Francis before Congress. The Democrats are blocking a 20 week abortion ban supported by most Americans and by the Catholic Church in the United States. If the Pope is going to address pollution or climate, as he is doing today at the White House, surely he will talk about life and marriage unless he wants to be seen as a political pope.

Nonetheless, the American left and media should not be fooled. This is a man who still believes in the Biblical Jesus, still believes in a virgin birth, still believes in the Imago Dei, and still believes in the sanctity of life and real marriage.

The media is doing to Francis what the gay rights movement tries to do to virtually every long dead historic figure — make him one of their own. Just as every long dead male historic figure suddenly becomes a closeted or open homosexual, so too Francis is already becoming a leftwing hero for speaking truth to power. Just don’t pay attention to all that Jesus talk.

Francis is, to be sure, more left and wrong than right and correct on much. But he is also not the communist that MSNBC would have you think. Not that they do think, mind you.

The Democrats’ jackolopes remain the pro-life Democrat, the real marriage supporting Democrat, and the Pope who is really one of them on those issues. They just don’t exist.

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