Bidenmania as Democrats No Longer Crazy About Hillary

We’re going to hear a lot about Joe Biden coming up. He is suddenly relevant again. As Hillary’s poll numbers go down and leading Democrats continue to see Bernie Sanders as not really viable, Biden becomes a logical alternative.

Joe and Jill Biden are two of the nicest people in Washington, D.C. The amount of time they spend caring for wounded veterans, unreported by the press, is commendable. They are real people and Joe Biden has an amazing ability to connect to the middle class. Republicans should not underestimate him. But they also should not worry much about him.

The fact is the Democratic Primary is going exactly as planned. Hillary Clinton is on a glide path to the nomination. The reason she and her campaign are obfuscating truth regarding her emails is because she knows that the moment she has the nomination, the press criticism will disappear and Democrats will rapidly consolidate.

If Joe Biden runs, he will have to break donors away from Hillary’s camp. He will have to spend inordinate amounts of time fundraising. Then he will have to navigate a primary system already stacked in Hillary’s favor. Likewise, he will have to find staff for a campaign that knows there will be hell to pay if Hillary is the nominee.

On top of all that, Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the nominee anyway. With the money, man power, and rules of the game written in her favor, Clinton remains the odds on favorite for the nomination. Biden running against her would force her to spend massive sums of money and then ride out the summer like Mitt Romney without the general election dollars that flow after her nomination.

Joe Biden may be able to give her a run for her money. Hell, Bernie Sanders is giving her a run for her money. But it is not a sure thing and risks all sorts of variables not currently in play.

But, to be honest, though I consider Biden a more formidable opponent than Hillary Clinton, it would be quite awesome to see him take the one ring of the Presidency out of Hillary’s Golum like hands.

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