Jesus Was Wrong About Greed

Jesus was wrong about greed. There is nothing wrong with the accumulation of wealth. It gives me peace of mind. It makes it so I can, if I want, take care of others and be generous. It is my money. I should be able to do with it as I want.


With more and more money, I can accumulate nice houses and eventually a private airplane. I could then fly friends and family around and provide them nice vacations. I would not have to rely on Jesus so much with prayers begging him for things. I could just cut a check.

I think, given the comforts and abilities that come with the accumulation of great wealth, Jesus was clearly wrong about greed and I should be able to ignore him.

Now, I realize you may think I am wrong, but if Christians don’t want to engage perspectives that argue Jesus’ knowledge was limited and sometimes wrong, they should close the gospels.

I should stop here and note that none of this is my argument. It is actually the argument of a millennial homosexual named Brandon Ambrosino. To his credit, Ambrosino is willing to do what few homosexuals are willing to do and that is acknowledge that Jesus has, in fact, spoken on the issue of homosexuality. Ambrosino does not think Jesus was wrong about greed. He’d probably agree with Jesus on that one. But he thinks Jesus is wrong about homosexuality.

Ambrosino actually tweeted what I wrote above: “if Christians don’t want to engage perspectives that argue Jesus’ knowledge was limited and sometimes wrong, they should close the gospels.”


Because Ambrosino is gay, he thinks Jesus must be wrong about homosexuality. He tweeted “Today’s essay was inspired by the fight over whether Jesus was or wasn’t in support of homosexuality. He obviously wasn’t. And he was wrong.”

Note that the only reason Jesus is wrong is because Ambrosino does not want to admit the particular sin he wrestles with is actually a sin. So he concludes Jesus is wrong.

If Jesus is wrong, he cannot be a part of the trinity — He who spoke the world into existence must just be a philosopher. Reducing Jesus from the divine to a mere philosopher, gives Ambrosino the mental courage to ignore Jesus and scripture and proceed into the world as if nothing is wrong.

At this point, admitting Jesus is wrong on something marks Ambrosino’s departure from Christianity into heresy. Contrary to Ambrosino’s tweet, Christians have wrestled with the idea of Jesus being just a human. Going back to AD 325 and the Council of Nicaea, then the Council of Constantinople in 381, then the Council of Ephesus in 431, and the Council of Chalcedon in 451, among others.

The early Christian Church confirmed that Christ was fully man, but also fully God. He was without error because he was God. He could not, in human nature, tell you in AD 30 what he thought of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and he could not tell you the chemical formula of benzene, because his human nature would have precluded that during his time on earth. But he also could not lie, sin, or commit error in his statements because his divine nature precluded that.


Now, if you are not a Christian, you do not have to believe that. But if you are a Christian, you must. It is basic Christian theology. Christ was fully God and fully man and therefore without error in his statements and deeds.

As an aside here, Brandon Ambrosino went to Liberty University and penned an article about his time there. Media Matters attacked for hiring Brandon because he dared go to a Christian university. Christians were quite charitable to Brandon during his time at Liberty and we should continue to be. He is not with the Lord and we cannot pass judgment on him. We should pray for him. But we should not hesitate to not only point out that he is wrong, but that he is also completely ignorant of the first 1000 years of church history.


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