Matt Micciche, Friends School of Baltimore, and the Intolerant Left

The Washington Post ran a profile the other day of my friend Ryan Anderson. Ryan is perhaps the leading voice in the country in support of traditional marriage. He makes a very forceful, but also very civil argument, in defense of it. His work has been quoted by members of the United States Supreme Court.

Ryan is one of the politest people you will meet and is constantly reviled by the gay rights community. Ryan is also a graduate of the Friends School of Baltimore. The school linked to the article about one of its alumni. But leftwing members of the school’s alumni community were outraged that the school would dare profile an alumnus of the school. So Matt Micciche, the head of the school, had to take down the post and apologize.

Hilariously, one of the supporters of Micciche’s self-censorship applauded the decision in the name of equality. Others did so because of tolerance.

Let’s get this right, folks. In an academic setting, people did not want to confront not an opposing argument, but even the mention of someone who makes the opposing argument. In the name of equality and tolerance, the school decided it could not tolerant an argument and could not treat it equally though the view is held by a large percentage of the American public.

This is, ultimately, what is going to happen. The left, losing the argument in debate, will just shut it up, refuse to confront it, and pretend it does not exist. Again, I must point out that the left is only more tolerant of dissent than Islamic radicals in that they do not kill their opponents. They just censor them, drive them from the town square, and attempt to destroy their lives short of death.

You will be made to care, folks. How dare a scholar with a Ph.D. from Notre Dame like Ryan Anderson believe the constitution recognizes mariage between a man and woman. That is, after all, his argument.