If You Read This, You 'Have Blood On Your Hands'

After the Family Research Council was put on a hate list by gay rights groups, Floyd Corkins showed up to gun down the place.

In Oregon, a family is being driven to bankruptcy because they refused to take part in a gay wedding.


In Atlanta, GA, a Fire Chief lost his job for wanting to “glorify God” and for his orthodox Christian believes on sin, including homosexuality.

But, the angry horde from Mordor is enraged today by this article on the absurdity of transgenderism. Public Discourse has “blood on its hands” they are yelling.

Mind you, they are not taking issue with the sounds points made in the article. They’re just screaming that it is hateful and merely by existing others will die. Sounds like they are admitting there are people with serious mental health issues. Their solution, of course, is to have sex change surgery and chop up some body parts, as opposed to dealing with the real mental health issues.

You are warned. If you read this article, you are complicit in getting people killed.


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