I Want to Keep the Filibuster for Judges

I have decided this and it puts me on the wrong side of a number of my friends. But there is an effort to formally end the filibuster for appointments to the Supreme Court.


I am opposed to getting rid of it.

Yes, yes, it is true that the Democrats could take back the Senate and promptly abolish it. That is perfectly true. But I do not think that means we should for one reason.

Many, though I must carefully and pointed say NOT ALL, many of the leading voices in the GOP led Senate who want to abolish the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees were also supportive of Harriet Miers.

But for the potential to filibuster her, I have no doubt these same Republicans still in the Senate would have railroaded her through.

I support the filibuster not because it is a check on the Democrats, but because it is a check on the establishment by conservatives. We have been shafted before by the GOP in terrible Supreme Court picks. We should not make it easier for them to do so.

Yes, we have missed the appointments of a number of judges to courts because of the filibuster. But I believe we would have see far more frequent appointments of pukey judges without the filibuster at the hands of Republicans.

And with Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably retiring while Obama is President, by God we should make it as difficult as possible for the President to replace her.


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