Shut Up About Obama's Amnesty Plan Unless You Do This One Thing

You have given up your right to complain about Barack Obama’s amnesty plan.

Just shut up. Stop complaining.

You know why? Because you did not do the one thing that could stop it. You did not call your congressman despite me making it very easy for you to do so. All you had to do was click here.


I’m in Washington, D.C. right now. Last night I had several members of congress tell me that they’re barely hearing from anybody.

So stop your bellyaching about amnesty if you can’t even be bothered to call.

I’ve made it really easy for you. You click here, enter your zipcode, and my program will show you your congressman’s phone number. In fact, if you click the “Call Congress Now” button, I’ll even connect you to your congressman’s office.

If you aren’t willing to call your congressman and demand he defund amnesty, stop bellyaching about it. Otherwise call now.


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