Vincent Sheheen Blames Nikki Haley for Kids' Deaths, Then Walks It Back

The Democrats sure are desperate this year. Over in South Carolina, the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee, Vincent Sheheen, is accusing Nikki Haley of killing kids. Three children were killed by their guardians within the Department of Social Services. Sheheen wants everyone to know Nikki Haley was actually the murderer.


Except Sheheen got basic facts wrong to make his case. He ran with the ad, then had to run away from his ad. Again, he got basic facts wrong trying to pin three deaths on Governor Nikki Haley.

Democrats are often accusing Republicans of being trigger happy yahoos who shoot first and ask questions later. But it is the Democrat doing it here. Were it a Republican, national news outlets would be leading with the story. Sheheen, of course, is safe and free to accuse Haley of murder again tomorrow.

But voters in South Carolina might want to wonder if the idiot is fit to be Governor of South Carolina when he can’t even get the facts right in a political attack on Governor Haley.

And let’s not even go into the exploitation of tragedy or political gain. That’s just disgusting.

Knowing just how low Vincent Sheheen is willing to go, you might want to send Nikki Haley a donation so she can fight back against this creep.


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