Ted Cruz's Chief of Staff Move to Campaign Team a Hopeful Sign

If Senator Cruz builds his likely Presidential campaign team just as he built his Senate office team, he may actually have a shot. The good news is that he has taken at least one step in that direction by having Chip Roy, his Senate Chief of Staff, step down from that post to focus more attention on the political side of the business.


When Ted announced in December 2012 that Chip would be his Chief, I called it a “huge deal” writing,

It signals Senator-Elect Ted Cruz is not going to Washington sell out the conviction he ran on, but actually, as we’ve all known, does believe in federalism, the tenth amendment, and limited government.

The good news for all of us is that I was proven correct. First, the Cruz staff is known to be rock solid conservative – and it functions that way. Chip hired a number of people I know personally very well, and respect immensely. They are all people willing and prepared to challenge the establishment.

I recall last year when Cruz was briefly criticized for holding a resolution on Multiple Sclerosis to review it. Heaven forbid he ask for time to double check whether this resolution made any wild claims of fact or demands for government spending. But here’s the best part – his Legislative Director who held it? She has MS herself and was delighted to hold it for review.

Second, when Ted entered the Senate in January 2013, he hit the ground running, and even with a small, undermanned staff – he basically dominated the debate and took the establishment to school on every issue. Challenging Hagel – check. Stopping gun registration – check. Stopping amnesty – check. Fighting the funding of Obamacare – check.

Senator Cruz accomplished these things with a Chief of Staff by his side who both were committed to a fight and not Washington niceties. Why? Because you have to be willing to tell all the establishment folks on the Hill that you are less concerned with cocktail parties than in stopping the erosion of liberty and stopping the largesse of big government.


Chip did it while commuting from Austin, Texas to Washington – with his lovely wife and children back home after having been 10 months removed from Chemotherapy at MD Anderson.

Now he’s going to focus on helping build the political team for Senator Cruz. There are miles to go on the path to 2016. But, if Ted Cruz wants to win – he must do so as an inspirational conservative. Taking Chip to the Presidential effort is a good first step of what will be many more needed to get the job done.

This from the Politico a little while ago sums it up best.

Cruz’s GOP Senate colleagues may be relieved to see Roy leave the Hill, given Roy’s public criticism of those who opposed Cruz’s hardball tactics last year that contributed to a government shutdown.

God bless, Chip and God bless Senator Cruz.


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