Ten Years Ago Today

It was much debated for a few years, but digging into the database our first live post appeared on this day in 2004. Today is RedState’s birthday.

Five years later we had our first RedState Gathering. In a month we will have our fifth anniversary RedState Gathering. We are going to Fort Worth, TX. The party starts the evening of August 7th and runs through the evening of August 9th.


Ted Cruz will be there. So will Bobby Jindal. So will Nikki Haley. So will Ben Sasse. So will Rick Perry. So will Greg Abbott. So will Jim DeMint, Ken Cuccinelli, Olympian and Congressman Jim Ryun, and we’re hoping Dave Bratt will be there.

We’re still confirming some awesome speakers and have a few surprises in store too.

If you want to be a part of the 5th Gathering and help us celebrate our tenth birthday, go here to register.


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