Back Scratching Politics of Mississippi

Brett Favre, a man who did not know when to quit, has cut an ad for Senator Thad Cochran, a man who has has himself stayed in his job too long. The pattern does not end there.


Jenn Sterger claimed Brett Favre sent her indecent pictures and Thad Cochran has admitted to doing, in his words, “all sorts of indecent things with animals.” But the most common tie to each is Haley Barbour.

Mississippi twice sent Brett Favre’s brother to jail and on his last day in office Haley Barbour wiped Favre’s brother’s record clean with a gubernatorial pardon.

Barbour scratched Favre’s back and now it looks like Favre’s has returned the favor, cutting an ad for Barbour’s political pick. Barbour, a lobbyist, wants someone in the Senate with direct access for his clients in Mississippi.

It’s not just Barbour, though. Democrats in Mississippi are rallying to Thad Cochran. That is their whole runoff strategy. Cochran intends to win based on called in favors and Democrat votes. He is playing to win. I cannot blame him. But it should be pointed out that in a race where favors are being called and owed, Cochran will be one of the most indebted Senators if re-elected.

How much will taxpayers around the nation be sending to Mississippi once Thad Cochran starts paying back all the favors? The only way to stop it is to vote for Chris McDaniel.


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