Bob Corker: Another Reason to Not Support David Perdue

David Perdue, running for the Senate in Georgia, wants to be one of those guys who reaches across the aisle to get things done. He wants to transcend partisan the way all the CEOs who get into politics claim they want to do.


David Perdue also likes Bob Corker. In fact, several times Perdue has mentioned has admiration of Bob Corker. Corker is one of the guys Perdue thinks is a model Senator. Corker reaches across the aisle and gets things done.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Perdue has donated to Corker several times — maxing out.

Perdue says there are only a half-dozen guys in the Senate who even understand him when it comes to running the place like a business, working on revenue, and making Congress work. Bob Corker is one of the guys Perdue thinks understand him. When Perdue says he wants to increase revenue, he thinks Corker understands him.

Bob Corker wants a 12 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax. He does not want to eliminate the hybrid car subsidy that is causing the highway trust fund’s deficit. He just wants to raise taxes.

If that’s the type of guy Perdue thinks talks the same language as him and the type of guy Perdue wants to model himself after in the Senate, I think we need to keep Perdue on his private, gated island.


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