Claudia Tenney for Congress


In the safely Republican 22nd congressional district of New York, Claudia Tenney is to the right of the incumbent Richard Hanna. On a whole host of issues, Tenney is to Hanna’s right. The Marine mom is a conservative with conservative roots.


While I’m focused on coin operated conservatives this morning, it is worth noting that some supposedly conservative Super PAC’s are pouring money in the 22nd congressional district to defeat Claudia Tenney. These “conservative” groups, really coin operated consultants, are accusing Tenney of being less conservative than the liberal Richard Hanna.

Claudia Tenney is actually to the right of Richard Hanna and would be a vast improvement for that district and a better vote in Congress. If you like in the 22nd Congressional District, you absolutely want to vote for Claudia Tenney. Do not let the coin operated consultants tell you differently.

Stand up for Marine mom Claudia Tenney. If you can spare some cash, help fund her as she battles the coin operated consultants of people lying about her. She needs all the help she can muster. And those of you who live there need to tell your friends and family to vote for her too.


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