Republican Tom MacArthur Uses Lawfare Against Steve Lonegan

Tom MacArthur is running against Steve Lonegan in the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey. According to my friend Charles Johnson, MacArthur is suing Steve Lonegan, Lonegan’s treasurer, secretary, campaign manager, consultants, researcher, Charles himself — everyone associated with Lonegan’s campaign.


Why? It has to do with the Lonegan campaign distributing this news article.

According to the Daily Mail:

Tom MacArthur ran York Risk Services Group, a unit of AIG insurance, when the company allegedly skimped on a series of high-risk claims. York paid half of a $285,000 fine following government claims that it underpaid policyholders by $10.8 million after a massive California wildfire. A Christian college in Houston and the Port of Galveston, Texas sued York and other insurers for skirting multimillion-dollar claims after Hurricane Ike

What makes this so interesting is that Tom MacArthur has been attacking Steve Lonegan for opposing the $60 billion in Hurrican Sandy corruption infested pork. Even New Jersey Democrats admit the GOP was right about the waste in the relief package. But MacArthur is attacking Lonegan.

Now he is suing the whole Lonegan campaign.


The Daily Mail has not issued a retraction on its story about MacArthur, which puts the whole situation into an interesting position.

I asked Charles what it’s like to be sued over something like this. He tells me, “I’m not intimidated. I’ve received death threats before. I’m not going to stop telling the truth about a RINO, like Tom MacArthur. We’ve got a country to save and corrupt Republicans who buy the machine’s backing with millions made from misery aren’t going to stop me.”


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