Was This a Coordinated Hit on Chris McDaniel?

By now you know about the situation with that nutter who went to videotape Mrs. Cochran in her nursing home.

The Cochran campaign, DC reporters with a close relationship to the NRSC, and the Mississippi press all worked very fast to tar and feather the McDaniel campaign.


I have to wonder if this was coordinated. I ask because the situation came to light due to a press release from the Madison, MS police department. But the Madison Police Department does not issue press releases with any regularity.

There are precisely three from 2013. And they are all crime statistics. There were 15 from 2012. There have been zero in 2014 until now. And this one was not even put on the Madison, MS Police Department’s website.

We’re all the way to mid-May of 2014, there are zero press releases from the Madison, MS Police Department, and suddenly they release this one that does not identify a victim.

The ball starts rolling.

Of course, it could be that a whole lot of people saw which nursing home was involved and knew who was there. The NRSC would have you believe that only Chris McDaniel and his campaign would have known.

If so, why did the Madison, MS Police Department choose this incident to release its first press release of 2014 about an arrest? Was it to help coordinate an attack on Chris McDaniel? Or was it because so many people knew something had happened the police department decided to go on and get it out there?


I would suggest it is the latter, which really undermines the NRSC’s story.

UPDATE: The Madison, MS police department has released nine press releases this year, but they have not put any of them online. The source I spoke with said that the incident involved in this case happened approximately two weeks prior to the arrest; Senator Cochran had knowledge of what had happened to his wife; and due to the high level of interest the department thought it necessary to release a public statement on the arrest. In other words, by the time the arrest was made many people knew what had happened. Likewise, the video had appeared on the website of the videographer prior to his arrest.


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