Heads They Win. Tails We Lose.

This is how it is and always will be. It is still funny to point it out.

Mitch McConnell and company poured dollars into beating Ben Sasse in Nebraska. K Street turned out with him. Shane Osborn got to parade before Republican Senators. They had him a nice fundraiser at the NRSC. At the end of the race the Establishment Super PACs spend over a hundred thousand dollars to attack Ben Sasse.


During the race, NRSC guys and their outside consultants ridiculed the Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth, and other groups for supporting Sasse.

And last night Ben Sasse won. In West Virginia too, Alex Mooney won. He was backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, RedState, and other conservative groups.

And the leadership stooges in the media have, since sun up on Election Day, pushed a comprehensive narrative that there was no establishment vs. conservatives fight in these races. In fact, if you looked at the twitter feed of many of the GOP’s sock puppets in the press and their related lobbyists and campaign staffers you would be convinced they were all solidly behind Ben Sasse, let along Alex Mooney in West Virginia.

It really is impressive how the Establishment always wins even when they lose and I’m not sure what some of these reporters must spend on moisturizer to tame the carpet burn on their knees. Nonetheless, it was always this way and always will be this way.

But Ben Sasse, Pete Ricketts, and Alex Mooney are three good men who had great nights and I congratulate them.


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