David Perdue Sounds Like a Man Who'd Raise Taxes

I told you people he’d go there. You didn’t believe me. But he is a CEO who lives in the private, gated community of a private gated island. They see the world differently. CEO’s make really crappy senators because they feel compelled to cut deals and transcend the rubes of party politics to prove their own statesman like qualities.


And David Perdue finally went there — exactly as I told you he would.

Perdue is running in the Georgia Senate race to replace Saxby Chambliss. One of the big issues that undid Saxby Chambliss was his willingness to pursue “revenue increases,” which ultimately meant tax increases when the economy refused to grow.

And now David Perdue has gone there.

A Telegraph editorial board member asked Perdue whether it would be better to get out of the economic “ditch” by curbing the growth of spending or increasing revenue.

“Both,” Perdue quickly answered.

The questioner then declared, “And that’s a euphemism for some kind of tax increase, of course.”

Perdue, of course, was quick to clarify, but he did himself no favors.

Well here’s the reality: If you go into a business, and I keep coming back to my background, it’s how I know how to relate is to refer back to it — I was never able to turn around a company just by cutting spending. You had to figure out a way to get revenue growing. And what I just said, there are five people in the U.S. Senate who understand what I just said. You know revenue is not something they think about.”


We see this dance all the time with squishes. They say they want to come up with other ways to grow revenue. They want to grow the economy. But the economy does not grow as quickly as their desires to spend our money. So they ultimately make bad compromises that raise taxes.

It happens time and time again. And it will happen with David Perdue.

It’s another reason I am supporting Karen Handel.


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