If You Live in Texas, Vote for Ken Paxton for Attorney General

Remember last year, when many Republicans in the Texas Legislature decided to pass a bill–supported by President Obama and Congressional Democrats at the federal level–requiring outside groups to disclose their donors to engage in political speech? Thankfully Governor Perry vetoed the bill, which would have stifled the free speech of all sorts of conservative organizations.


Fast forward to the current Texas Attorney General’s race, and the vote on this bill becomes quite instructive. Ken Paxton voted against the bill. Dan Branch voted for it.

So that means Dan Branch voted for the same policy that President Obama, Congressional Democrats, and the IRS want. This would stifle the speech of conservative groups during elections. Recently we’ve seen first hand what happens when groups have to disclose their donors: the left takes those disclosures and then targets the donors with boycotts, public reprisals, and any other means to silence these groups. Yet Dan Branch voted for precisely that.

In contrast, Ken Paxton was one of the few Texas legislators to stand against this. Paxton stood up for principle and opposed this terrible bill, just like Governor Perry and Senator Ted Cruz subsequently did.

Texans — and all Americans — need a Texas Attorney General who will stand up and fight President Obama and the Democrats in Washington DC. How in the world can Texans trust Dan Branch to do that when he has already proven that he is willing to sell out conservative groups just like President Obama and the IRS want?


Ken Paxton has proven that he is the true conservative in this race, which is why he has the endorsements of the NRA, GOA, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, and many others. Texans should support Ken Paxton in his May 27th runoff election, and those outside Texas should send a check to his campaign right now.


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