The 2014 Democrat Slogan: "F. U. America"

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden told Democrats, “We should not apologize for a single thing.”

Also on Thursday, Senator Harry Reid said all the horror stories related to Obamacare are lies. He dismissed them as “Koch Brother” smears. The woman with caner is a liar. The man whose mother can’t get her cancer medication covered is a liar too. The guy with multiple sclerosis? He is a liar too.


All five million people who have lost their healthcare insurance are liars. Everybody is a liar except, apparently, the President who said if you liked your health care insurance, you could keep it.

This is the Democrats’ 2014 campaign slogan — “F. U. America.” They are not going to run on a platform of fixing Obamacare. They are not going to run on a platform of blaming the Republicans for Obamacare’s failures. They’re going to run on a platform of America being too ungrateful and stupid to understand how awesome Obamacare is.

In fact, with Hillary Clinton starting to talk about serious fixes and Bill Clinton calling on Democrats to defend Obamacare, the Democrats are completely confounded on what they should be doing.

So they will attack. It is their nature. Only this time, they are attacking Americans who are suffering, overwhelmed, and potentially dying because of what the Democrats did.

At this point, the Democrats must be hoping the Republicans commit political suicide. It is about the only thing that will save the Democrats.


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