Mitch McConnell Provides Key Vote to Give Obama a Blank Check

Mitch McConnell became the key vote today to give Barack Obama blank check to increase the national debt. This debt ceiling increase is not tied to a month, but rather a time period. Consequently, the President can grow the national debt as much as he wants during that time.Sen. Ted Cruz refused to let the Senate give the President a blank check with a simple majority, instead forcing the Senate to clear the 60 vote hurtle of a filibuster. As both the Washington Times and National Journal report, Mitch McConnell was the key vote. Republicans refused to cough up enough votes to clear the 60 vote margin until McConnell himself voted to raise the debt ceiling. Once he did, other Republicans found their strength to give Barack Obama a blank check.


Republican leadership worked the floor as they searched for votes. Finally, several Republican leaders exited the cloakroom and changed their votes, as if to say “let’s all hold hands and jump together.” First, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip John Cornyn cast yes votes, with the latter having initially voted no.Then, one by one, John Barrasso, John McCain, John Thune, Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake changed their votes to yes. The final vote on cloture was 67-31, with 12 Republicans joining Democrats to end debate.

We are at $17 trillion in national debt now. How much more will Kentucky families owe thanks to Mitch McConnell giving the President a blank check?


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