An Early Christmas Present (for me)

I have written plenty of times that I don’t believe in setting life goals. When I was a lawyer, one of the partners encouraged the associates to set out goals broken into three, five, and ten year plans.Everyone I knew who did that was miserable. I realize it may be simplistic, but I just believe if I work diligently and hard enough and the good Lord wills it, I’ll get where He wants me to go.But there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Really — just one thing. Back in 1991, my dad and I did the college tour and I heard Rush Limbaugh for the first time. At that point, I wasn’t even thinking of a career in radio. But I knew I wanted to sit in the Atilla the Hun Chair behind the golden EIB microphone.Today is the day. I’m going to fill in for Rush Limbaugh while he is on vacation today and on Christmas Eve.If you feel more comfortable, you can call me Mark Markson. I did ask if I’d have to legally change my name to Mark. Mr. Snerdley said he didm’ think so.Turn on your radio to the EIB Network at noon eastern today and if you hear a voice made for print, that’ll be me.



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