The Ads Write Themselves

At this point, all I can hope is that the Republican primaries are devastating to incumbent Republicans.

The ads write themselves — [Insert Incumbent Republican here] would not fight to defund Obamacare, but would fund a fight with Syria.


What the hell happened to the Republican Party? Then I stumble across this quote:

“It’s pretty striking that Heritage has decided to go full libertarian under [Heritage Foundation President Jim] DeMint and abandon four decades of leading the Reagan ‘peace-through-strength’ caucus,” a senior GOP aide said.

Whoever this “senior GOP aide” is, peace through strength does not mean firing missiles into Syria while signaling (1) we have no intention of ousting Assad and (2) we are not calling it an act of war.

Peace through strength means making sure the world knows if they mess with the United States we can wipe them out because of our strength. Right now, all the world sees is an effete liberal President and a Congress trying to help him save himself from embarrassing us.

Friends, if we have to bomb Syria to show the world we are strong, the world already knows we are weak. If we are bombing Syria, it needs to be in our national security interest — a real interest, not just to show the world our President dresses up at Halloween as Barry Bad Ass.


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