We Should Not Have to Hold Our Noses

Cory Gardner was a tea party hero. In the last 48 hours, he’s become a weasel. Gardner bailed on a Tea Party Express event to support Congressman Meadows and Senator Lee’s attempts to defund Obamacare. Cory Gardner caved to pressure from the GOP leadership.We sent him to Congress as a fighter and instead he’s become a lover of the establishment. It’s a fact and I suspect you’ll now see him try to weasel his words over the next forty-eight hours to claim he’s for full repeal and defunding doesn’t do enough, so he won’t support it — or something like that. It’s what John Cornyn has been saying.When they can get a pass, these guys will vote for symbolic votes against Obamacare. But when the heat is on, they won’t vote to defund it. How many times have they cast symbolic votes? And now that they have a substantive vote and fight on the issue they fold like cheap suits.In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager was caught on tape saying he would have to hold his nose for two years to run McConnell’s campaign. Jesse Benton’s loyalty is with Rand Paul. Rand Paul wants to run for President. So Rand Paul is coddling the establishment and Jesse Benton is working for Mitch McConnell with his nose closed.Conservatives should not have to hold their noses to vote in primaries. At the RedState Gathering, the NRSC outreach guy told me the NRSC would spend every dime they have to defend Mitch McConnell from Matt Bevin and other Republican Senators from primary challengers. He said if the NRSC spent all its money defending incumbents and then lost the general, it would be conservatives’ fault for daring to primary incumbents. In fact, he told me, no Republican should ever dare challenge an incumbent.This is the same NRSC that will not target Democrats over Barack Obama exempting Congress from Obamacare.Friends, we should not have to hold our noses and support incumbents. We should be willing to primary incumbents who’ve fallen out of love with conservatives and in love with Washington. We should not have to coddle men like Mitch McConnell or Lamar Alexander or Bill Schuster or Mike Simpson or Cory Gardner if we think we can do better.We should not be afraid to reject them in primaries. In fact, until we start collecting scalps on our own side they will neither respect us nor fear us. If Jesse Benton wants to hold his nose and sell his soul to the establishment, so be it. But my soul and my principles are not for sale, which is why I’m happy to support challengers to Republicans in primaries. You should too. For those who fear we risk the majority by doing so, what is the purpose of the majority if it won’t do as you want once you have it? These guys are loyal only to themselves — not to the country and not to you. They will go to the ends of the earth to enact amnesty, but not to stop Obamacare.Stop holding your nose and instead hold your head up high and reject them. Now is the time.



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