Death Squad Delusions on the Left


I put that tweet up earlier today. Suddenly I’m being accused of supporting death squads, dropping people from helicopters to kill them, and many people who support killing kids in the womb are accusing me of supporting killing kids.This is what the left tries to do to those they dislike.They accuse the Pope of handing communists off to be killed by death squads and accuse me of endorsing the act because of that tweet.Actually, it is an false allegation that the Pope did that. The evidence shows that the Pope actually helped get people out of Argentina during that terrible time. He is a hero. But they hate him because he is faithful to Christ. Things of Christ are hated by things of the world and much of the left is very much of the world. The attacks on the Pope over this matter make me adore him. I’m skeptical of a Jesuit from Argentina who’s been vocal about his suspicions of capitalism. But given these sustained attacks on him, I absolutely think the cardinals made the right call.I wasn’t endorsing death squads. You must be delusional to think I would. But my Presbyterian self does adore this Pope just because of the smears and lies and hate directed at him by the left.If they hate him this much, he must be a good man.


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