Mario Loyola's Fluffernutter Ode to Mitch McConnell

In 2014, if conservatives can drum up a primary against Mitch McConnell of value, the conservative movement will finally have the brush fire of liberty it needs to burn up the under brush of the movement. Add Mario Loyola to the list of Republicans first, conservative second with this entry.I’m really trying to keep the sexual slang and innuendo to a minimum in describing what he does here to Mitch McConnell. I realize most of you have never heard of Mario Loyola, but when we set up our wikipedia of those within the conservative movement who’ve done us harm, he’ll be on the list with ACU. This is really some fluffernutter:


My own view, as a former Senate staffer, is that Mitch McConnell is a priceless leader for the GOP in the Senate. He has made absolutely as much as could have been made of the Senate GOP’s opposition to the Obama agenda, given the votes they had. It’s impossible to imagine that any other senator could have done as well, as elegantly, as Mitch McConnell has done.

He must have needed a new keyboard after writing that.Embarassing.


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