URGENT: Last few hours to stop the Boehner Tax Hike

Later today, the House of Representatives will vote on a major tax increase. This disastrous idea is being pushed by Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor and will do nothing other than put Republicans on record supporting tax increases that should be the sole responsibility of President Obama. Fortunately, groups like Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America are opposing the bill.The good news is it looks right now like conservatives will succeed in defeating this bill. Based on the best intelligence I’ve been able to gather there are 34 Republicans who will vote against raising taxes and 12 others still thinking about it. Please call the good guys up and urge them to stay strong and resist the pressure from the leadership team to cave. And call the members on the fence and urge them to stick with their conservative principles and oppose the tax hike.No / Lean No: Garrett, Amash, Jordan, Scalise, Gohmert, Stutzman, Gardner, Pearce, Burgess, Mulvaney, Huelskamp, Barton, Broun, Fleming, Labrador, Lamborn, Walsh, Westmoreland, Southerland, Massie, Duncan, Graves, Schweikert, Blackburn, Landry, Buerkle, Tim Scott, Gowdy, Joe Wilson, Guinta, Harris, Myrick, Burton, DesJarlais.On the Fence: Akin, Bachmann, Gingrey, Adams, Chabot, King, Lummis, Herger, Pence, Pitts, Walter Jones, Price.CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS NOW. Tell him/her to oppose Plan B.



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