Calling The Election Today

Is it just me or does there seem to be some organized spin out over the weekend to call the election for President Obama now?

Check out the Politico for the best of these, but everyone is out doing it.


Here’s the thing — I have a theory that polling is taking longer to respond to events because of the overwhelming flow of information these days. I think, objectively, Mitt Romney did himself a disservice by being too vague and failing to close the deal in his speech and Bill Clinton helped Barack Obama. The polling we are seeing right now is a reflection of Romney’s performance at the Republican National Convention and the build up to Bill Clinton.

And, right on cue, the cymbal clashing wind up monkeys of the Gang of 500 are banging cymbals for Barack Obama.

But let’s not kid ourselves — this spin has everything to do with Friday’s economic report. The press is trying to get everyone to forget that there are more men out of work than at any time in American history and 4.2 million women out of work since Barack Obama took office. This is the politics of distraction aided by just a handful of tracking polls.


The Obama campaign is masterful at playing puppet master to the Washington press corp and, to push the jobs report aside, they’ve gotten their friends at the Politico and elsewhere to declare the election over and ignore the jobs report.

But if my 10 day rule bears out, let’s see what the polling suggests a week from now after the Romney camp has reminded the American people of the jobs report.


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