The Liberal Guardian ( @GuardianUS ) Stands Up for Free Speech

This morning the Guardian, a liberal newspaper out of London, announced it was hiring one of RedState’s co-founders, Josh Trevino, as a conservative columnist.Since the announcement was made, the Guardian has come under withering assault for daring to hire Josh.I know a thing about that. To this day there are still folks trying to drive me off television. Luckily, CNN was kind enough to give me a chance.I hope the Guardian will do the same with Josh Trevino. The attacks are not about what Josh has said or tweeted, but about Josh being at a liberal organization to begin with. The attacks are about silencing an alternative opinion, which the Guardian, to its credit, has been willing to hear out and give voice to.


Conservatives do not go out of their way to shut down and silence alternative voices. Conservatives are not out boycotting MSNBC or canceling Comcast subscriptions because of MSNBC. They are not avoiding Avery printing labels because one of the Avery family members funds left wing causes. The Guardian hired the far-left blogger Glenn Greenwald of sock-puppet fame and you don’t see conservatives storming the Guardian to have him fired. Hell, unlike Trevino, Greenwald’s sock puppets actually did violate what most would consider journalistic standards and none of us much care that he’s there.But time and time again, the left tries to silence the right. They take offense, they scream, and they complain. They want to be the arbiters of acceptable voices and, slowly but surely, will whittle away all opposition in the name of “reasonable dissent.” Arbiters of the opposition rarely want opposition.Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, in a Lenten Letter to his pastoral flock, said that evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then tries to silence good. What we are seeing in this organized campaign to get Josh Trevino thrown off the pages of the Guardian, Rush Limbaugh thrown off the airwaves, etc. is an organized campaign by so-called tolerant showing their intolerance.The majority of Americans are conservatives and the media increasingly does not relate to any of them except Beltway conservatives who are increasingly not like the rest of America’s conservatives. My hat is off to the Guardian for being willing to engage the majority of Americans and have the views of that majority reflected in their pages.



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