Election Day in Wisconsin: Go Vote for Mark Neumann

It’s time Wisconsin. Heck, it has been a long time coming.Today, please go vote for Mark Neumann for the United States Senate. Polls in Wisconsin have the race incredibly close. There is a real chance for Wisconsin to send a man to the Senate who will join Ted Cruz, Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer, and the conservatives already there to bring back fiscal sanity to Washington.Eric Hovde would not be going to Washington, he would be returning home. No man goes home and storms his own castle. Eric Hovde would protect the same policies Washington has churned out that have helped make him a very rich man.Tommy Thompson still holds on the glory days of school reform, but has, out of office and in the Bush Administration, been a proponent of big government, Obamacare, and fiscal insanity.Only Mark Neumann will go to Washington to make Washington as inconsequential as possible in all our lives. Go vote for him today.



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