Why Won't Eric Hovde Sign the 'No New Tax' Pledge?

It is one area where Eric Hovde is to the left of Tommy Thompson. He will not sign Americans for Tax Reform’s “No New Tax” pledge.Hovde has, instead, launched a broadside attack on ATR and Grover Norquist claiming that Norquist is in the pocket of corporate interests. Pot, meet kettle.In fact, I have well documented concerns about ATR and Norquist, but the pledge itself is a no brainer. Hovde is trying to out think the pledge. He is already playing to the DC media elite that hate Republicans unwilling to raise taxes.Hovde, in not only opposing the “No New Tax” pledge, but actively demagoguing it, puts him well outside the conservative movement and even outside the center of the Republican Party.If we cannot trust Eric Hovde on not raising taxes — and never trust a politician unwilling to put his word in writing — we cannot trust him to stand up and do what is right in the Senate.Mark Neumann remains the only answer for conservatives in Wisconsin intent on stopping Tommy Thompson.



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