Morning Briefing for August 9, 2012

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August 9, 2012

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1. Collusion between Obama for America and Priorities USA on ‘their’ lying Soptic ads.

The Story So Far: two days ago, the Obama administration – using the fig-leaf/cutout of Super PAC Priorities USA – accused Mitt Romney of being a murderer because a company that Romney used to own closed down a steel mill (several years after Romney left that company) and that meant that the wife of the husband who lost his job at that steel mill (one Joe Soptic) didn’t have any insurance after the wife left her job several years after the layoff and several years after all of that the wife was diagnosed with cancer and then died. As Erick notes in the link above: if that’s an acceptable logic chain that legitimately leads one to a charge of murder, then (to give just one example) this administration murdered US Border Agent Brian Terry and Eric Holder needs to give himself up right now.But wait! It gets even more convoluted. You see, the Media is balking – absolutely balking – at taking this line of attack seriously, and the Obama administration has already done its best to distance itself from the Priorities USA ad, to the point where Obama for America (OfA) spokesman Stephanie Cutter denied that they had any knowledge of Soptic’s story.So… who’s that voice at the end of this conference call, Stephanie? Your evil twin?Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Housebreaking Romney: The Importance of Being Vocal

Mitt Romney’s ardent supporters are fit to be tied today. Andrea Saul cited Romneycare approvingly, conservatives rightly piled on, and Romney supporters are defending the guy.“You’re hurting him,” cried one.“Thanks for making this the big story of the day, Jackass,” cried another.Andrea Saul made this the big story of the day. She is hurting Romney. She is an official voice of the campaign. This was an unforced error of monumental idiocy and the blowback is deserved, appropriate, and — most importantly — absolutely necessary.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. MUST SEE: Senior Obama Campaign Advisor Robert Gibbs Refuses to Condemn Ad Calling Romney Murderer

Let me warn you up front that this is a 9 minute video. Let me further warn you that it is from this morning’s edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC. But let me urge you to watch anyway so you can see the depths with which the Obama campaign is unwilling to condemn something as blatantly outrageous as accusing Mitt Romney of being responsible for the death of a cancer victim.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Why Won’t Eric Hovde Sign the ‘No New Tax’ Pledge?

It is one area where Eric Hovde is to the left of Tommy Thompson. He will not sign Americans for Tax Reform’s “No New Tax” pledge.Hovde has, instead, launched a broadside attack on ATR and Grover Norquist claiming that Norquist is in the pocket of corporate interests. Pot, meet kettle.In fact, I have well documented concerns about ATR and Norquist, but the pledge itself is a no brainer. Hovde is trying to out think the pledge. He is already playing to the DC media elite that hate Republicans unwilling to raise taxes.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Report: Fast and Furious Weapon Linked to Assassination Plot

The details surrounding failed gunwalking operation Fast and Furious just keep getting worse and worse. We’re already aware that the guns involved were involved in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and in the deaths of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, but now it has been reported that they might also have been involved in a plot to assassinate the police chief of Tijuana. Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. The Con$ultant Cla$$

I await the GOP getting Brian Terry’s family on film to respond to the ridiculous Priorities USA advertisement that Romney killed some guy’s wife.In the meantime, the GOP Super PAC ads continue to be mostly forgettable while the Super PAC’s themselves continue to raid the pockets of GOP multi-millionaires.Now add two more data points.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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