Morning Briefing for July 31, 2012

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RedState Morning Briefing
July 31, 2012

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1. Counting Chickens in Texas

Some friends in Texas are privately worried about Ted Cruz. The polls are very close. David Dewhurst has vastly outspent him. There is a huge turnout happening in random places in Texas — lots of people showing up in the runoff who do not normally vote in runoffs, let alone in Republican primaries.That could be a sign that people are really fired up for Ted.That could be a sign that Dewhurst is beating the bushes trying to get Democrats and typically disengaged voters to save him.The only way to ensure a victory for Ted Cruz today is for you, if you live in Texas, to go vote. If you do not live in Texas, track down any friends you have in Texas and get them to go vote for Ted Cruz.We need him. Today is election day.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The Politician and the Crackhead

If Satan’s best trick is to make us believe he does not exist, his second best trick is to convince us that one more taste of sin will satiate our desire.It is the same with the politician and the crackhead.The crackhead holds the pipe in his hands and thinks, “Just one more hit and then I’ll get clean.” It is never really enough. He gets his fix. It wears off. And then . . .“Just one more . . .”It is the same with politicians and our tax dollars. “Just one more penny is all we need,” says the politician. But one more penny is never enough. The devil is always in the details.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Government Determined to Waste Money on Catfish

It’s easy to guffaw at $14 million in waste when we are running a $1.7 trillion deficit, but let’s not forget our collective (and appropriate) outrage at NPR funding which by many accounts, receives less than $4 million per year directly from the government.But $14 million is precisely what will continue to be wasted after the House Agriculture Committee approved the Farm Bill while rejecting an amendment by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) which would have streamlined catfish inspections (yes, catfish inspections) and save taxpayers millions.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Don’t Tell the NRA, but Fred Upton is Anti-Gun

As we noted last week, Fred Upton is not running on his record as a moderate Republican in the August 7 primary against Jack Hoogendyk. He is eschewing decades’ worth of big government values so he can hold onto his seat in Congress.One of the most common stratagems employed by moderate Republicans (and Democrats) in an effort to ingratiate themselves to conservative voters is to tout their support from the NRA. In May, Fred Upton sent out mailers, which were overtly political (with his congressional Frank), that flaunted his credentials as an A rated pro-gun congressman from the NRA. The mailers reveal the vacuous content of Upton’s record, as well as the foolish electoral approach pursued by the NRA.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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