Senator Ron Johnson Will Be At the RedState Gathering. Will You?

In 2010, one of the few candidates the GOP establishment and conservative activists agreed on was a businessman in Wisconsin named Ron Johnson. “Crazy!!!” people said. “It’s Wisconsin. Russ Feingold!!!! Ron Johnson can’t win.”Then he got the nomination.”It’s crazy!!! He bores people with charts. He scares the old people. He actually says we need to cut spending. It’s Wisconsin!!!!”Call Ron Johnson the clock cleaner. He cleaned Russ Feingold’s clock and won. In Wisconsin!!!!Then he went to Washington and dared to be audacious — he broke out more charts. Not since H. Ross Perot vividly charted the great sucking sound out the door to Mexico has an American politician captured the decline and fall of our economy in pies, bars, and lines. And you know what? It’s actually pretty awesome. Senator Johnson knows what he is talking about. Unlike our President, Ron Johnson ran a business, had people on a payroll, and turned a profit. He is to President Obama what Adam Smith was to Karl Marx — a breath of fresh air and honesty without class warfare pablum.He’ll be joining us at the RedState Gathering. This is our last week to cut you any sort of deal. You better go to to register today.See you in Jacksonville.



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