Eight Years of RedState

July 11, 2004, was actually the first live day of RedState with the actual site kicking off July 12th with user content. We went live on Scoop without the logo.Screen Shot 2012 07 16 at 11 24 04 AMWithin a few months, we had the logo as we wanted and by 2005 had RedHot and ConfirmThem up and going.Screen Shot 2012 07 16 at 11 24 49 AMBy mid-2006, Clayton switched us over to Drupal with a new design and we went from RedState.org to RedState.com.Screen Shot 2012 07 16 at 11 25 38 AMIn 2008, we moved to WordPress through a series of fits and false starts and have the template you see now.Coming soon, well, we’re really going to shake things up a bit. Stay tuned . . .And Happy Birthday RedState!By the way, if you were ever wondering, our first users were, in order,

  1. Tacitus
  2. Krempasky
  3. Ben Domenech (then Augustine)
  4. Opriest
  5. Walt
  6. Matthew Stinson
  7. Jay Reding
  8. Moe Lane
  9. Paul Cella
  10. Kevin Holtsberry
  11. Thomas Crown



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