Will Conservatives Be Paper Tigers After This Primary Season?

I look at Texas and see David Dewhurst pouring in money to beat Ted Cruz. A new poll is out and the race is very tight, but Dewhurst has a huge money advantage.Unfortunately, conservative organizations that have stood with Cruz are not pouring in the money he needs to be able to win.I look at North Carolina and see pretty much every Republican squish in Congress pouring money into the race for Richard Hudson while so many conservative groups are on the sidelines for Scott Keadle. Only the Club For Growth seems to be fighting hard for him.I see all the Super PACs gearing up to fight for Mitt Romney, but too few are fighting for conservatives. Jim DeMint cannot do it all by himself. Neither can the Club for Growth.I see a conservative movement sitting on the sidelines offering nice tokens of support, but only tokens. There are races to be won and conservatives are twiddling their thumbs.Ted Cruz and Scott Keadle are two important races. They are races that will gauge the real strength of the conservative movement. And right now I dare say both are behind and conservatives are unwilling or unable to do what it takes to get them their respective nominations.The squishes that the conservative movement has long battled will see Mitt Romney as the nominee and conservatives unable to get their picks through House and Senate races and perceive conservatives as paper tigersThat perception will be tough to fight in reality when the tough battles come later.



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