Morning Briefing for July 10, 2012

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RedState Morning Briefing
July 10, 2012

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1. David Limbaugh Will Be At the RedState Gathering. Will You?

David Limbaugh, author of the awesome new book The Great Destroyer is going to be at the RedState Gathering.You are running out of time to register for the event. And you are absolutely running out of time to get a discount on your hotel room.The event will be August 2nd through August 5th at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville, FL.Go to right now to register. You only have a week or so left to be able to.David Limbaugh, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and more will be there. I hope to see you there.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. . . . When?

Yesterday I asked if not now, when do we get to hold Republicans accountable.It is mind numbingly infuriating to get some of the bellyaching from people that, in effect, we never can.I disagree. I know most of you do too. Right now, here are six congress critters we can annihilate in Republican primaries. The alternative candidates to them are far more conservative.If you really do care about taking the country back and improving the GOP, you have no excuse. You must oppose these incumbents currently fighting it out in Republican Primaries.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. The Next Epic Battle: Scott Keadle Vs Richard Hudson in NC-8

With the Wisconsin recall behind us and the Texas Senate race scheduled for the end of the month, we must remember that there is an important battle taking place in North Carolina next Tuesday.Conservative Scott Keadle – who has been endorsed by Red State, the Club for Growth, Citizens United, and the Madison Project – will be facing off against establishment-hack Richard Hudson in a runoff-election to face faux blue dog Democrat Larry Kissell in North Carolina District 8. This is a conservative district and is ripe for picking this November; however, we must pick off the seat with the right Republican.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Newsflash – Texas State Senators “Decide” to Support Dewhurst over Cruz

For a guy who says he will go to Washington as a “conservative” and fight against the establishment, it sure is curious to see Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst lining up the Texas establishment to defend him in his race for U.S. Senate against the actual conservative, Ted Cruz.Dewhurst has the support of very few people outside of Austin. Think about it. His most powerful endorsement is that of Rick Perry – which while sad, is understandable given that Perry has worked with him for 10 years. Who else? Well, a whole helluva lot of Austin lobbyists – who know full well that if Dewhurst loses, they have to deal with him as the head of the Texas Senate to get bills passed.And now – holy cow, out of the blue – we have 18 of the 19 Senators in the Texas Senate coming out in defense of Lt. Governor (and therefore, Presiding officer of the Senate) Dewhurst…Wonders never cease. What’s even more wondrous about the letter is that the state senators did not even write the letter. According to the metadata of the PDF’ed letter, Michael Grimes, an Austin lobbyist wrote the letter. How very Charlie Crist of David Dewhurst.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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