Wright McLeod: Poseur in GA-12

I don’t have a dog in the fight in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, but the district has a history of fostering crappy Republicans to take on the imminently beatable John Barrow. The latest seems to be Wright McLeod and I am troubled.He seems to want to run as a tea party candidate, but his record is anything but tea party.Here is his voting history and as you can see he voted Democrat in both general Georgia primaries and in the 2008 Presidential Primary in Georgia.When asked about his voting in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary the other night in Toombs County, Wright said he did so because his county was Democrat and he voted for Bill Richardson.The problem is that, based on where his precinct was in 2008, Bill Richardson got no votes there.Given the success of the tea party in 2010, a lot of people have come calling this time around claiming to be tea party candidates. I hope the Tea Party is very discerning lest it support poseurs for congress.



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