Morning Briefing for June 5, 2012

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RedState Morning Briefing
June 5, 2012

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1. The Overplayed Hand of an Amateur

Barack Obama and his campaign have overplayed their hand in one crucial aspect. They spent years getting their friends in the media to believe and sell them as the most experienced campaign team in the world. Look at the 2008 Primary. The Obama campaign would have you believe they beat Paul Begala and James Carville of Team Clinton. They may have beaten Team Hillary Clinton, but they did not beat Begala-Carville. You’d never know that from all the hype.The reality is actually far different.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Today is Election Day in Wisconsin

It always makes me nervous for Republicans to be so giddy headed into an election. As we’ve seen from the President, overconfidence is a bad thing. Scott Walker could still lose. People must turn out to vote.Today is election day in Wisconsin and if you are a RedState Reader in that state, go vote.One of the things I hate about special elections is the absolute intellectual crap that will come from pundits on television tonight and tomorrow. Democrats who claimed the recall was a rejection of Republican overreach nationally now claim the recall cannot be interpreted as a reflection on national politics. Republicans are the opposite.I remember being on CNN for several of the New York special elections in Republican districts that went Democrat. The Democrats on TV with me were gleeful that they were harbingers of big Democrat wins in 2010. It was exactly opposite when Anthony Weiner’s seat went GOP. Suddenly the Democrats would have you believe it was insignificant while the Republican would have you believe otherwise.Through them all, I’ve maintained that special elections tell us very little about national politics. But there is one area where I think Wisconsin can show us a great deal about the national electoral outlook headed into November.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. 88% of Obama’s 2008 over-$200 donors are AWOL in 2012.

This is one of the more amusing factoids that you’re going to read this morning: “According to a BuzzFeed analysis of campaign finance data, 88% of the people who gave $200 or more in 2008 — 537,806 people — have not yet given that sum this year. And this drop-off isn’t simply an artifact of timing. A full 87% of the people who gave $200 — the sum that triggers an itemized report to the Federal Elections Commission — through April of 2008, 182,078 people, had not contributed by the end of last month. It’s a factoid that is subject to some interpretation, of course. Certainly the Obama for America campaign is in full-fledged meltdown/spin mode on the subject; they’re pointing out that those people could be contributing less than $200*. Which could very well be true.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Center for American Progress engages in selective editing

You hear the left complaining about conservatives selectively editing video. The Center for American Progress has posted complaints about video editing, yet today they engaged in selective video editing. They posted a video titled “Heritage Foundation ‘expert’ Cannot Cite Any Examples of Actual Voter Fraud.”The problem is that the “Heritage Foundation ‘expert’” did cite voter fraud and the Center for American Progress edited it out.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Top Colorado Democrat Currently Registered to Vote in Both D.C. and Colorado

Though modern physicists are yet to figure out a way for one person to be in two places at the same time, the top spokesman for Colorado Democrats has figured out a way to vote in two places at once. Matt Inzeo, the communications director for the Colorado Democratic Party, holds active voter registrations in both Colorado and Washington, D.C., according to a voter fraud investigation by Media Trackers Colorado.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Mike Leavitt: On the Wrong Side of Obamacare Exchange Battle

Over the past two years, a policy battle of enormous significance for the future of health care and liberty in the United States has played out in state legislatures and governor’s mansions across the country. The question: whether states will bow to President Obama’s wishes and implement his versions of health insurance exchanges – rife with bureaucratic regulations, delivery mechanisms for the whims of Kathleen Sebelius, and, of course, subsidized heavily by you the taxpayer – or whether they will resist, refusing to waste taxpayer dollars, holding out for the day when Obamacare is no more.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. After A Few Thousand Years Or Something Like That on Radio, Neal Boortz Retires

It has been a pleasure to be able to guest host for Neal Boortz on his nationally syndicated radio show. His show is the sixth or seventh largest in the nation and broadcasts out of WSB Radio in Atlanta, which is where my show is as well.Today, Boortz announced he is retiring after a longer time on radio than most people. Herman Cain will take over the helm in January of 2013 and Boortz can start guest hosting for Herman and me.It’s been a heck of a ride and I’ve been very honored to both get to know him and to sit in that Texas A&M monster of a chair.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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