Morning Briefing for May 3, 2012

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RedState Morning Briefing May 3, 2012

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1. Since SEAL Team 6 Can’t Rescue the Economy, Don’t Get Distracted

It’s hard to combat Barack Obama going to Afghanistan — his first war zone visit in 17 months — when our guy flew in a fighter jet, landed on an aircraft carrier, and gave a speech in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign. We may know the differences, but the average voter does not. It’s not worth our time and effort trying to set the record straight because it is all a distraction anyway.What the average voter does know that we can use are two things that are not distractions.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Some intellectual honesty on voter ID laws

The United States is a Republic. We use some tools of democracy in our Republic. The best known tool we use is voting. We vote in referendums. We vote on sales tax increases. We vote for local and state officials. And we vote for congressmen, senators and, in a roundabout way, for President.To prevent fraud in elections, some states have enacted laws that require residents to present photo identification in order to vote. One of these states is the one I live in, Georgia. Some people are challenging the Constitutionality of this law and the laws in other states. Opponents argue that the law is discriminatory against minorities and poor people. It violates their “right to vote”.What these opponents of the vote ID laws never tell you is striking: There is no right to vote.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Social Victory Center and the GOP’s Tech Advantage

More than in any past election, online digital technology will be essential to a winning 2012 campaign. For the Republican National Committee, it is not enough simply to imitate the standard practices of the day. We want to raise the bar—identifying and developing new technology to compete in the digital sphere.That entrepreneurial spirit led us to create the GOP Social Victory Center, a first of its kind online application that revolutionizes the way volunteers and activists take part in elections. The SVC, which launched yesterday, puts all the important tools in one place, breaks down geographic barriers, and instantly connects users with our grassroots network across the country. And it’s all right on Facebook.No other campaign or committee—neither the Obama campaign nor the DNC—has done what we have: leveraged the popularity of Facebook to empower Americans to be directly involved in the political process.Welcome to the new frontier of digital activism.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Jon Bruning Loves Eric Holder. Ronald Reagan and the Boy Scouts? Not Exactly.

The candidates for U.S. Senate in Nebraska had a debate the other night. When asked to name a mistake they’ve made in their adult life, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning was the only candidate who couldn’t think of one. “I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I think if you ask my wife she could tell you that,” he said. “There’s so many it’s hard to put my finger on just one.”Since Jon Bruning can’t think of one mistake, here’s a list so Nebraska Republicans know about the record he’s trying so hard to hide.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Eric Cantor’s Cage Is Rattled so I’m Giving $100.00 to Scott Keadle

The tea party is rattling Eric Cantor’s cage today. In response to this post this morning and the outcry from conservatives, Eric Cantor has decided to flood the zone in North Carolina to help congressional staffer Richard Hudson beat back local doctor Scott Keadle.Today, Cantor’s Young Guns PAC threw $53,000.00 into the race for a media buy. Please click here for the rest of the post.And don’t forget Caleb’s Daily Links of stories from around the web.



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