Another Reason to Support Carl Wimmer

Carl Wimmer is running for Congress in Utah and I’m supporting him. He’s got the support of most major conservative groups out there, including Club for Growth.With that much support, it is typical that his opponents are out savaging him. In true liberal fashion, his opponents are attacking the former police officer and landscape company owner because he went to community college. Seriously.Well,
Carl’s opponent is Mia Love. She has some explaining to do . . . or maybe she shouldn’t. Here she is explaining why she’s cool with tax increases.

MIA LOVE: “You know, I never found it easy to sit there and raise taxes and then go back and say, you know, business as usual. It’s been – last year we did, well two years ago actually, we did raise taxes, and it was probably the most difficult thing to do. However, the reason why we did it was that our taxes were so low to begin with. And I found that sometimes raising it just a little bit year by year is probably best than doing that big jump. You know you always have to balance when it’s justified to raise taxes and when it’s not.”

Carl, by the way, in the Utah General Assembly was no fan of tax increases and introduced the legislation in Utah to prohibit any part of the Utah state government from implementing Obamacare.


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