Morning Briefing for April 18, 2012

RedState Morning Briefing
For April 18, 2012

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1. War on Dogs?

If you’re just tuning in, Ann Romney says that the Romney family dog liked riding on the roof of their car. The dog cage, Romney supporters say, had a windshield or something.The left has had a field day with this. But then the Romney campaign struck back. Barack Obama is a dog eater. Well, he was as a boy. The weed and cocaine tries were in high school and college. Eating dog was in his youth. All are documented in his autobiography, Dreams of my Father.This caused a stir on twitter with conservatives participating in a twitter hashtag game: #ObamaDogRecipes. My personal contributions were Escar-Bo and Bo Mein. I was pretty fond of Hound Cake and German Shepard Pie too.You’d think we’d have dealt with all of this on both sides four years ago, but alas the media didn’t really want to aggressively vet Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney didn’t make it past March.Perhaps there is a war on dogs. One thing I am certain of is that there is a war on levity.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. WI-GOV Recall Democrats running on… property tax hikes?

If states are really the laboratories of democracy, then apparently Wisconsin is the place where all the mad scientists go to cook up the latest abomination of science with which to terrify the populace. And one case in point is the way that the Democratic party in Wisconsin has decided to run with the novel platform of explicitly offering to raise other people’s taxes in order to maintain certain Democratic cronies’ current-but-threatened standard of living.I simply cannot come up with a sarcastic comment worthy of that particular brainstorm. Sorry.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. For Some Republicans, Free Markets are Gone With the Wind

One of the most appalling features of Obama’s presidency is the expansion of green venture socialism on behalf of corporate cronies who helped finance his campaign. Obama’s use of stimulus funds to distort the energy market with subsidies and loans to unprofitable solar energy companies has become the hallmark of his presidency, and it has theoretically provided us with a potent political weapon. Yet for some reason a bunch of Republicans – many of whom reside in red states – are doing the same thing on behalf of Big Wind. Has anyone explained why picking Solar as a winner is liberal, while picking Wind is conservative?In the House, there are 20 cosponsors of a bill (H.R. 3307) to extend the refundable 2.2 cent/per kilowatt-hour Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind companies, most of which generate little revenue and pay no taxes. While we should never emulate the Democrats and support government preferences for green energy, it is even more insane given that we have already pumped in billions to the wind industry, yet it has still failed to stand on its own merits. In fact, a new report shows that they lost 9,000 jobs in 2009.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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