Does the Catholic League Use Colons?

I’m not sure if this is a parody account or not. If it is legitimate, I presume the Catholic League twitter account holder does not use colons in tweets going back to at least April 2nd because his head is so far up his rear end he’s blocking his own colon.I’m referring to this bit of hate in its twitter feed. Today while the right is pushing back on Hilary Rosen’s comments about stay at home moms somehow not having jobs like women who work outside the home, the Catholic League, via twitter, presumes to divide up moms between authentic moms who have their own children and moms who adopt — not to mention raising the wholly irrelevant issue of Hilary Rosen’s sexuality.A mother is a mother however she received her blessing. Trying to claim natural mothers are superior to mothers through adoption is rather vile in my mind. Would the Catholic League prefer adoption or abortion?If this is a legitimate twitter account, shame on the Catholic League for stooping to the same level of hate it combats in those it views as going after the Catholic Church.If this is a phony account, I hope the Catholic League will take swift action to shut it down lest it be further maligned by the idiocy of whoever is twittering under that account.



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