Adam Kinzinger Finally Admits He's Not Conservative

It’s not really a surprise, is it? After all, as I pointed out last week, Adam Kinzinger’s scores from the center-right are rather pathetic by themselves and really pathetic compared to Congressman Don Manzullo.


Now even Kinzinger is dropping the pretense of being conservative. He told a Boone County, IL Lincoln Day Dinner, “This isn’t a race about who is more conservative, it’s a race about over the next two years, who is going to be the most effective.”

If effectiveness is crossing the aisle to make sure Nancy Pelosi lines her pocket when pretty much every other Republican tries to stop the money, I guess you can consider that effective.

If effectiveness is fighting to reduce the size and scope of Washington in our lives, then Kinzinger is pretty much a dud.

In related news, Congressman Louis Gohmert is taking the lead on getting conservatives to help Don Manzullo in this fight. FreedomWorks has come out for him as well.

In Illinois, a bunch of tea party groups, pro-life groups, and fiscally conservative groups are rallying to Don Manzullo. I hope you will too.


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