Morning Briefing for March 9, 2012

RedState Morning Briefing
For March 9, 2012

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1. Conservatives Should Mobilize to Help Don Manzullo Against Adam Kinzinger in Illinois

On February 18, 2011, 98 Republicans joined with the whole of the Democratic Caucus in the House to defeat legislation offered up by Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee designed to ensure the House GOP lived up to is “$100 billion in cuts” pledge to nowhere.As I noted at the time, “Blackburn’s amendment, by its own description, would have ‘reduce[d] spending by 5.5% in 8 non-securiy spending subsections of the bill and reduce[d] Legislative Branch appropriations by 11%.'”Ushering Republicans across the aisle to join with Democrats in a refusal to cut the budget was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy.It was the first major vote that separated the men from the boys. It showed who the fiscally responsible were and who the fiscally irresponsible were. Eric Cantor himself had co-sponsored the same Blackburn measure three separate times. But this time, the tea party had the votes to actually get it passed. So Cantor led squishy Republicans to the Democrats. And our debt soon went up to over $15 trillion.Standing with Marsha Blackburn and the conservatives wanting to cut the size and scope of Washington was Congressman Don Manzullo of Illinois.Following Eric Cantor across the aisle to join the Democrats was Adam Kinzinger, who campaigned as a tea party congressman intent on reducing Washington. His vote showed clearly he really did not mean it.Illinois has redistricted Manzullo and Kinzinger into the same district. Yesterday, Eric Cantor endorsed Kinzinger. Conservatives better fight back and support Manzullo.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. A Day’s Work in the House of Lords

Earlier today, the Senate began voting on a series of 30 amendments to the highway bill (S.1813). The three important amendments regarding energy subsidies that we referenced earlier (2 bad, 1 good) were postponed until next week. However, here is a list of other commonsense amendments that were voted down by Democrats. It is truly sad that at a time when gas prices are at a record high Democrats are willing to place the interests of the eco-radicals ahead of American consumers. They also showed that, once again, they have no interest in creating jobs or cutting spending.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. No Jobs Shortage For Obama Bundlers

The below video is a report by Jake Tapper regarding the doling out of plum jobs to those who brought in the most money to the Obama campaign. It aired in June of last year, but came up again in the wake of this post by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.“About 80% of those who collected more than $500,000 for Obama took ‘key administration posts’ as defined by the White House.”Tapper points out that Obama promised “a new way of doing business.” In fact, then-Senator Obama, remarking on the influence of money in politics, said in 2008 “the time for that kind of politics is over.” Yet President Obama handed out more of these primo posts to donors in just two years than President Bush handed out in four.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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