I Voted for Rick Perry

I wasn’t going to vote at all. But then all sorts of people, including Donna Brazile and Sean Hannity, started in on me about my “civic obligation.” Frankly, I wish less people voted. But nonetheless, I voted. I was the only person in my precinct in the middle of a city that usually sees steady turn out.No one in Georgia seems to want to vote except the die hard supporters of the various candidates.I did not want to vote for Romney. But I did not want to vote for Santorum or Gingrich or Paul. Choosing between them has been like choosing the tallest midget. I have been left uninspired for various reasons by each.So I went with Rick Perry. Consider it a protest vote. But at least, unlike many, I went with who I liked as opposed to voting for someone to be against someone else or some other strategic pattern of voting.What a mess this primary season is. At least soon we’ll be able to focus on Barack Obama instead of the hand we’ve dealt ourselves this primary season.




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