Morning Briefing for February 28, 2012

RedState Morning Briefing
February 28, 2012

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1. Deja Vu All Over Again

I have, for the longest time, been convinced that the Republican candidates have a very slim chance of beating Barack Obama without a struggling economy. And while I still think it is true, I think the Democrats have handed the GOP a gift that could be turned into victory if the GOP plays its cards well.We are entering deja vu all over again.On September 12, 2009, Janet Hook wrote in the Los Angeles Times that “[s]ome Republicans worry that the healthcare debate is reinforcing an unflattering image of them as the ‘Party of No.’” BoB Inglis (R-SC), who would go down to defeat in a primary at the hands of the tea party in 2010, gave voice to many Republican leaders at the time when he said, “People are upset, but they expect leaders to remain calm and find solutions. . . . If you don’t have a plan about how to lead, why would anyone give you the majority?”By the end of the year it was taken as objective fact. Being the “Party of No” would kill the GOP in 2010.On television, objective analysts, Democratic partisans, reporters, and “Republican leaders on background” all spoke of pending disaster for a Republican Party that refused to work with Barack Obama and said “no” to everything.On February 15, 2010, Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post wrote of Fred Malek, an aide to President Nixon and big Republican donor starting a group called “American Action.” In an interview with the Washington Post, Malek openly fretted, “We are a center-right-majority nation, but we are not getting through to the American public and we are becoming increasingly defined as a party of ‘no’.”About this time, the full chorus of Republican operatives tied to the establishment, Democratic partisans, and objective analysts were all in a bubble predicting doom for the Party of No.On July 15, 2010, giving voice to many inside the beltway, columnist Doly McManus wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Without that kind of clear, near-unanimous statement, Cantor and his allies argue, Republicans leave themselves vulnerable to being painted by Democrats as the “party of no” — and, worse, as the party that voters rejected in 2008.”Democrats went so far as to turn out polls showing voters really, actually did approve of Obamacare and would punish Republicans for voting against it. Republican leaders chewed their fingernails on background in the Washington Post, which over the campaign season ran 82 stories about the dreaded “Party of No.” The New York Times ran even more.We know how 2010 turned out. It turned out the voters wanted a party of no. The Democratic losses in November of 2010, down to the municipal level across the country, were the most devastating since the late 1800?s.Fast forward to the present. Objective analysts, Democratic partisans, and “Republican leaders on background” are worried about the GOP defending religious organizations against the Health and Human Services mandate to provide contraception and abortifacient drugs for free for female employees.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. What’s At Stake in Michigan

Here’s why today’s Michigan primary is so important: it’s about establishment confidence in Mitt Romney and the last outside chance of getting another entrant in the race.There are, as I’ve noted previously, a number of different types of “establishment” vs “grassroots” divides in the GOP, but you don’t have to have any particular definition of ‘establishment’ to recognize that Romney’s candidacy leans heavily on the support he draws from traditional ‘establishment’ or ‘insider’ sources: money from big-dollar fundraisers, endorsements from big-name elected officials, and covering fire from right-leaning journalists at major mainstream publications and conservative journals. Romney has depended, time and again, on his ability to get out of trouble by having the resources to go more negative than whatever opponent he’s targeting: more money to dump on negative ads and a bigger chorus of voices amplifying those attacks.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Using .Gov Domain & Obama’s Mother, DNC Propaganda Targets Women

A reader sent the following mailer (see below) from the Democratic National Committee targeting Florida’s female population.The DNC’s large, two-sided mailer reads like an Obama campaign piece (because it is one) and refers readers to a federal government website, on one side of the mailer, the DNC tells the story of how Barack Obama was motivated to pass Obamacare by the passing of his mother who, living in Jakarta, suffered from violent abdominal pain and was misdiagnosed with appendicitis.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Iran Executing Man for Converting to Christianity

Fox News reports Iran has not yet executed Youcef Nadarkhani yet for the crime of converting Moslems in Iran to Christianity:”The Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran last week for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity was confirmed alive as of early Sunday, sources close to his attorneys told Fox News.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Femi-regulars for Rick Santorum

Left-leaning elitist pundits are scratching their heads. After two weeks of liberals trying to convince women that Rick Santorum wants to rip the birth control out of their hands and put them in the kitchen, more and more women are supporting Rick Santorum. “How could this be?” they ask. Answer: We are smarter than you think.Let me offer a little primer on American women to the liberal elitist folks who spend too much time in New York and Washington DC and not enough time where Femi-regulars live. “Femi-regulars” is a term I coined during the 2008 election when leftists just couldn’t grasp the appeal of gun-toting Sarah Palin. Palin, I explained, like most women, was a femi-regular, not a femi-nazi (a tag coined by Rush Limbaugh to label rabid, man- hating feminists).Please click here for the rest of the post.



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