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February 1, 2012
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1. Why is the United States Government Financing Our Foreign Competition?

Here’s a question: If tax dollars were being used to make prices cheaper for companies overseas while simultaneously forbidding American companies from enjoying the same luxury…would that be fair?

I would submit that it’s not, and President Obama claimed to feel the same way at his State of the Union earlier this year:

“… It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they’re heavily subsidized.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what is happening. Let me introduce you to something call the Export-Import Bank.

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2. Secretary Napolitano Disrespects And Disarms Pilots

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano disrespected Federal Flight Deck Officers (armed pilots) during a hearing yesterday in testimony presented to the House Homeland Security Committee. Sec. Napolitano showed a lack of knowledge about the program in addition to an intent to kill it over the next few years. The testimony yesterday provides further evidence of “President Obama’s Plan to Kill Armed Pilots Program.”

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3. Never let it be said that Obama takes governing seriously

Last night President Barack Obama spoke at two “star-studded” Hollywood fundraisers. And, according to Politco, he noted to a group of people who make their quite nice livings in theatrics that “people … like … poetry” rather than the “prose” of governing.

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4. EPA Needs More Time to Reconsider Boiler MACT Rules

American workers and the industries that employ them face an ill-thought out and incomplete set of Boiler MACT regulations costing $14 billion to implement. Given current economic realities, these regulations place at risk the jobs of your constituents and 200,000 working Americans across the country. With the economic climate as it is now, we cannot afford to lose too many more American manufacturing jobs.

The EPA asked for proper time to reconsider the Boiler MACT rules, and even attempted to stay the rules to have more time to clarify them. The forest products industry, for example, is compiling additional data at the EPA’s request, but may not have time to complete needed testing. The courts have made it clear that only Congress can give the EPA the time they have asked for and need to provide clarity. As a result, this legal uncertainty is a cloud over American businesses, which must be able to plan for the future in these uncertain economic times. Our communities deserve environmental rules that have been fully considered, and will hold up scientifically in the long term.

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5. Do Republicans Care About the Deficit or Not?

Republicans who seek our support during an election cycle declare emphatically that they will deal with the deficit upon being elected. Once elected, however, they far too often evince nothing but apathy towards efforts to solve our budget crisis. Worse yet, they even work assiduously to create new deficits.

Ever since Republicans won control of the House in 2010, instead of looking for spending cuts to offset existing deficits, they are constantly looking for ways to create new deficits, albeit with the fervent pledge to offset those new deficits. Yesterday, several lawmakers showed us just how indifferent they are to deficit spending.

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6. The MSM Is Dumb: Episode A Billion

There is a lot of virtual ink being spilled today regarding Rick Santorum’s big billionaire donor Foster Friess, and his comments on birth control. The catalyst was an interview conducted by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell which, among other things, included the following exchange.

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