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December 21, 2011
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1. Commending the Perry Campaign

I risk being accused of endorsing Rick Perry by saying nice things about his campaign two days in a row, but this is genuinely worth commenting on and is not an endorsement.

Yesterday, I wrote a post that started with Perry as one of the best candidates to beat Barack Obama, but commented on what I perceive to be one of the flaws in his campaign. I wrote, “Of all the candidates running, I think he has one of the best shots, though his internal campaign situation has badly served him and he never should have left Ray Sullivan in his position.”

My issue with Ray Sullivan is not personal, nor (as some have speculated) does it derive from his wife assisting the Romney campaign. He is the communications director and, having worked both inside and outside campaigns, it has struck me that the Perry campaign’s messaging is erratic — much improved, but still erratic.

But I have to tip my hat to Ray Sullivan and the Perry campaign. Despite my criticisms of Ray, he sent out my post yesterday from the Perry campaign leaving my criticisms in tact.

An amateur campaign does not do that. It takes a lot of testicular fortitude to be willing to do that as a candidate and as a communications shop within a campaign.

This is precisely why I think Iowans and others would be out of their minds if they did not take a look again at Rick Perry before settling. After the MIchigan debate disaster, Perry has retooled, refocused, and executed a very solid game plan. Rick Perry has finally found his voice and Iowa tracking polls suggest the voters there like what they are hearing.

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2. New Gang of Five Coalesce Around McConnell’s Excrement Sandwich

If I had voted for a bill that not only screwed my party, but also screwed the country, I would keep a low profile. If I had passed a bill that was unworkable for businesses and helped preserve the entities that precipitated the housing crisis, I wouldn’t show my face in public for a while. Evidently, there are five GOP senators, some of which have flirted with “No Labels,” who are unfazed by their vote for McConnell’s pathetic extenders package. Worse, they are demanding that the House join them in helping their own reelection prospects at the expense of the rest of the country.

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3. Yes, Virginia, Ron Paul is a 9/11 Truther (and a Coddler of Racists)

A few days ago, some folks took exception with my last post about Ron Paul, claiming that the video wherein Paul stated that there was “glee” in the White House after 9/11 did not establish that Ron Paul was a truther. Silly me, I assumed that people remembered all the material from 2008 which had already pretty much proved the point, but it appears that some have forgotten. Let us review, then, some small portion of the evidence.

Much of the raw evidence, gleamed from raw footage/audio of Paul on certified nutjob and avowed 9/11 truther Alex Jones’ radio show (and other private meetings which were recorded) has since been pulled down, but this nugget remains.

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4. Gary Johnson for Senate

Apparently, Gary Johnson is continuing to mull a completely fruitless third-party run for the Presidency. His specific beef is that he performed so poorly because he was unjustifiably excluded from most of the television debates, which he apparently blames on the GOP. I really don’t know how much merit this complaint has – I am under the impression that the media/sponsoring organizations for the debate decide who is included and who is not. Certainly you could have made the case that for much of the race, if you were going to include Santorum and Huntsman, you should have also included Johnson. I just don’t know if he’s taking out his frustration on the right folks here.

I don’t know very much about Gary Johnson. I gather that he is more of a hard-boiled libertarian in the style of Ron Paul, only with much less crazy. Although I don’t necessarily agree with where those sorts of people stand, I’m glad to have them around in the party, especially in the Senate where they can really muck up the works to some good effect. I do know that Johnson remains popular in New Mexico and according to at least one poll, does substantially better than the rest of the GOP field in polling of the upcoming New Mexico Senate race.

I hope that Johnson reconsiders this third party run nonsense. If attention is what he wants, I think he will find that running as the Libertarian party’s candidate for President doesn’t really provide a whole lot of that. On the other hand, I could really get behind more crazy honey badger libertarians in the Senate making Mitch McConnell’s life unbearable. The solution here is clear: Gary Johnson for Senate. Sour grapes never do anything but set your teeth on edge.

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5. A great gift idea for that special someone in your life

But alas – unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this one for Christmas this year. It seems that the latest in the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series may have adopted a new villain: Occupy Wall Street. MRC TV has the story here.

Now I’m not all that convinced that it’s OWS that they’re going after – I don’t see any stringy hair or torn clothes…but they may be smelly (can’t tell here…)

As the good folk at MRC point out, the Left is none too happy to see their allies getting blown up. If the OWS kids really are the target of this game’s ridicule, it’s really too bad the creators weren’t even MORE explicit about it. After all, the Left didn’t seem all that broken up when another game creator decided that “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”. I suppose the lesson here is that I can look at that example of liberal silliness and chuckle about it, whereas the Left, as usual, is indignant about one of their causes being mocked.

So – for anyone except maybe Ron Paul fans (who might be reminded too much of the Great Satan going after Iran), this one should be on your short list for next Christmas!

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