This Conor Guy Just Wanted to Slam Limbaugh, Right?

That Conor guy at the Atlantic felt the need to slam Limbaugh and in the process claim there is some sort of fight between Limbaugh and others on the right. But there’s a bit of a problem with him dragging me into this fight he wants to pick.He uses a Limbaugh monologue about the GOP establishment attacking Newt as the kick off.


The conservative movement, and I mean this from bottom of my large beating heart — ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom — the conservative movement is made up of me, talk radio, the Tea Party and the American people who are conservative. A conservative movement made up of movement media people, there hasn’t been that since Mr. Buckley passed away.

And then the guy writes, “When I last aired that quote, I should’ve added that this “challenge their bonifides, not their arguments” approach has always been a self-serving dodge. Yes, there’s karmic justice in seeing Coulter and Erickson subjected to it. But they’ve both articulated earnest concerns about a man who could be president.”First, I should point off that I heard Rush’s monologue and the post Conor lumps in to Rush’s monologue as Rush taking issue with me was written after Rush’s monologue. Second, I largely agree with Limbaugh. Had Conor actually delved into my post he’d see that while I have concerns with Newt, I’d rather be with him than Romney.Third, I would note that Rush lists “talk radio” as being on the conservative side. I write this as I fill in for Neal Boortz on his syndicated show, taking a break from my own talk radio show.Fourth, I’m pretty comfortable, though I haven’t chatted with him about it, that Rush was not slamming Coulter, me, or several others Conor thinks Rush was slamming. Why? Because in the whole of the Rush Limbaugh monologue he was largely focused on the people trotting out the gnostic Washington knowledge about Newt — the Washington insiders lined up with Romney who have come out against Gingrich claiming to have prior knowledge of Gingrich that they may or may not reveal to hurt Gingrich. That definitionally rules out Ann and me. Conor used to pretend to be a conservative. I’m not sure if he still does. But it seems pretty clear in his attempts to cover the conservative movement he spends as much time inserting his wishful thinking into what he writes as he does misinterpreting facts.



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