Morning Briefing for October 28, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For October 28, 2011

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1. The Same Washington Post That Got Marco Rubio’s Story Wrong, Attacks Him Again

Last week, the Washington Post attacked Marco Rubio for “misrepresenting” his family’s story. The Post got called out by other newspapers for the Post’s egregious truth stretching to make its story fit. In the quotes the Washington Post cited, the reporter misrepresented the context of Marco Rubio’s remarks. It was true that Rubio had gotten some details wrong. But it was also very clear that they were the innocent mistakes of a son retelling his parents’ story. It was also true the Washington Post got parts of its reporting wrong.But the Washington Post has not stopped. Now the paper is back at it premising a new article on the last story without nothing the Washington Post itself got key elements of its story wrong. This time, the Washington Post wants to make the case that Marco Rubio could be a risky Vice Presidential pick for the GOP.Seriously.We have a President of the United States who, for twenty years, worshipped in Jeremiah Wright’s church, had his house paid for by Tony Rezko, claimed his uncle freed Jews at Auschwitz, snorted cocaine, and got other key biographical details wrong and the Washington Post never seemed to think he was too risky.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Right Now It’s The Message

I got emailed from a few people last night that I was rather harsh toward Governor Perry’s campaign on CNN tonight. I was.When Rick Perry unveiled his economic plan, he spent the better part of two days talking about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.Now, instead of moving back to the economic plan, we’ve moved on to talking about Rick Perry and debates.Byron York makes a very persuasive case that Rick Perry is actually right on the debates. According to John King tonight on CNN, by the time we get to Iowa, there’ll have been 21 debates — more than either 2004 for the Democrats or 2008 for both the Democrats and Republicans.Remember as well that the calendar is more compressed now than when those debates were set up.But the Perry team should not have raised the issue right now. It makes him look weak. We know he sucks in the debates. We know he wants out of the debates. That is precisely why he should not have raised it himself or had his communications director, Ray Sullivan, raise it.It makes us focus on Perry’s bad debate performances instead of finally, finally focusing on his economic plan and jobs plan.The Perry campaign has a problem. It has nothing to do with bad debate performances. It has everything to do with a lack of message discipline. If they want to turn things around, they need to get on and stay on jobs.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Dems Dodge Questions On Discriminatory Union PLAs For DNC Convention

In February, when North Carolina was awarded the Democratic National Convention over forced-union states, we alerted you to the devil in the details of the DNC having its convention in a predominantly union-free state. At issue is something traditionally known as Project Labor Agreements that give work to unionized employers and, as well, discriminate against union-free workers. Now, that devil appears to be rearing its ugly head and Democrat mayor Anthony Foxx, who is running from Republican challenger Scott Stone, appears unwilling to give Charlotte residents a straight answer on how much work will go to unionized workers.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Ohio Democratic Party Targets Pro-SB5 Businesses

As Ohio’s SB5 (collective bargaining reform) goes to a vote on November 8th, pressure is being ramped up in the final week and a half. According to the Columbus Dispatch, unions and their fellow reform opponents have bankrolled the We Are Ohio anti-SB5 campaign to the tune of $19,048,680, dwarfing the pro-reform Building A Better Ohio’s $7.6 million.Democrats and their union cronies have dominated Ohio for decades and the collective bargaining reforms signed into law earlier this year pose a very real threat to their continued base of power. As a result, the Democrats did something incredibly arrogant on Thursday afternoon when the official Twitter account for the Ohio Democratic Party released the names of several businesses that have contributed to SB5, then told their 4,000 followers to “contact them.”Please click here for the rest of the post.



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